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About Us started as a grassroots movement to increase testing and decrease the stigma around HIV for young men. This site is a place to get the facts on HIV and express ourselves as the generation that has only known the world with HIV/AIDS as a part of it. No matter the outcome of the test, the status will be sexy because knowing your status is sexy. We also work with community groups as well as holding statussexy events.

Meet Team Sexy






Ka’Juan Hill is a Community Outreach Specialist at UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond were he uses his passion for public speaking and HIV to develop innovative sex-positive outreach strategies to reach communities of color. Currenty pursuing a degree in media broadcasting, Ka’Juan aspires to be Television host. Prior to this role, Ka’Juan saw the many issues plaguing his community where HIV prevalence is at its highest—among MSM so he educated himself and developed a strong social media following with his candid delivery. Using social media as a tool he built a platform amongst the community reaching people in large numbers speaking on the topics of safe sex and risk reduction. With having such a large following and respect in the LGBT community becoming a Community Outreach Specialist was a natural fit. Ka’Juan understands the importance of his work and strives to provide safe sex awareness to those hard to reach population through condom distribution, community talk, events, and bar outreach Ka’Juan’s true focus are communities in need and he works diligently to come up with creative ways to encourage people to get tested and know their status-- because knowing your status is sexy.


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Vision Statement

We believe that there is nothing more sexy than confidence; confidence in yourself, in your partners and in the bedroom. The only way for us to get that confidence is to know our HIV status. Whether you’re negative or positive, knowing your status is always sexy.

Mission Statement

The statussexy mission is to increase HIV testing by decreasing the stigma around HIV, and empowering our community to make that happen on multiple levels. is a place for young men to get connected to resources and to talk openly and honestly about HIV.